Al Thawab Al Watani Tailoring


Al Thawb Alwatani Tailoring started half a century ago, by its founder & president, Sheikh Abdul Rahman Shafei Al Madani, is a group with a vision. According to Mr. Mohammad A Al Madani, CEO of Al Madani Group of Companies LLC, their focus has always been on quality and service. They started with one shop in Al Ras, Deira, which was the center of everyday shopping on the Dubai Creek and was very popular with the local people of Dubai and also with the members of the royal family. This shop was frequently visited even by late HH Sheikh Rashid Bin Saeed Al Maktoum who used to get his kandooras stitched in this shop. Later with the growth in population and increasing demand of the local Arab dress, Al Thawb Alwatani Tailoring started to open many more outlets in various locations of U.A.E and today they have a chain of tailoring outlets catering to all segments of the population.

The USP of Al Thawb Alwatani Tailoring is that they are very particular about the quality of their products. They have highly trained tailors who give a good stitch & style to the garment using the best fabrics available.

Speaking on this occasion, Mr. Mohammad A Al Madani, informed that their aim always has been to give to the U.A.E population a garment with the right mixture of tradition and modernity. A garment which will make the person who wears it feel good about himself. That is the reason why they have heavily invested in modern stitching machines and other modern techniques.

This latest outlet in Mercato Mall has a section for Arabic perfumes and incense agar wood. This was done in alliance with the famous Al Rasasi Co. There is also a section for traditional Arabic shoes/sandals.

Explore the secrets of a traditional Arabic dress at Al Thawb Alwatani Tailoring outlets.