Kandura is the offspring of Al Madani - a Traditional Tailoring house with a heritage of creating the most luxurious Thobs.

The Founder, Mohamad Al Madani understood that Modern Arab men are in a phase where they would like to assert themselves and that the familiar codes of traditions would soon be replaced unless they are improvised to express the rythms of our times.

Designed by hand couture Kandura garments express the singularity of the Emirati youthful culture. The twists on the garment allow men to use a new vocabulary that offers a subtle fashion statement.

At the core of Kandura is an attitude and a statement about pride in the tradition. Equally important in Kandura’s approach is the constant quest for innovation. The garments are inspired by trade

tional references and the details reflect the influences of design on tailoring. A constant research for fabrics and textures and above all the interplay between tradition and modernity is at the core of Kandura’s philosophy.

Kandura is light hearted. It presents a joyful improvisation of the tradition focusing on fabrics and textures where the simplicity of the Thob becomes a fascinating elegance.  Crafted with equisite attention to detail and sensibility to design, all kandura garments celebrate the sharpness and precision of the classical craft.

Kandura’s first outlet is an ongoing atmosphere of beautiful elegance where the personal visions of creators are exclusively presented in a comfortable setting. Clothing are merged with display cases where accessories are coordinated so that men could invent an outfit for themselves with different combinations.