What is MONO?

A unique dough which is the base of each our products. And the taste is hidden in each recipe. Mono is an open kitchen space where the products are prepared and packed just for you.

The Dough

The history behind making the dough goes back to our great grandparents who through the years have been perfecting the recipe. MONO is created to pass that history and knowledge and enrich those recipes with new ones; recipes that meet our current nutritional values and needs.

Our philosophy is to make our customers enjoy fresh, healthy and unique products every day; products for people who believe that deserve more!

People become vegan or vegetarian for many reasons, either ethical reasons regarding animal rights or they want to protect the environment or personal reasons: health and religion.

MONO unique fresh respects your choice of life so we prepared for you a menu with vegan and vegetarian products. You will find the mark next to the products.