MUSTANG has stood for the development and marketing of premium jeans at outstanding value for money for over 80 years. All of our passion and denim expertise go into every one of our products, which is reflected in the great fit and excellent quality. The best thing you can be is yourself. That's why MUSTANG denims are based on a philosophy of complete honesty that focuses on being natural and authentic. You can always tell a pair of MUSTANG jeans because they fit the wearer perfectly, not just in terms of size and cut, but in every way. The collections are completed by a perfectly coordinated lifestyle range, which complements classic jeans with licensed products in the shoe, leather, bodywear and accessory segments.


Mustang History PhotoIn 1932, Luise Hermann founds the garment factory L. Hermann Kleiderfabrik in Künzelsau, starting with only six seamstresses. In 1948, Albert Sefranek marries Luise’s daughter and lays the cornerstone for a German success story in the denim business: the pattern made from these American made jeans is used to produce the first jeans ever made in Europe. Mustang’s foundation is an excellent product, which impresses with perfect fit, remarkable quality, and innovative materials as well as outstanding value for price. Mustang are proud to continue to bring their know-how and reliable pricing for premium jeans to the mid-market segment. Mustang always give their best - particularly for their customers and ensure that they always feel that they are in good hands, competently advised, and understood. This thought drives all of Mustang’s daily activities in all their customer-related touch points. The authentic MUSTANG world offers an extensive range of denim and lifestyle products that are available to their customers in various ways, as a result of their integrated multi-channel approach. One of Mustang’s greatest ambitions is to develop and produce perfect denims, which are as ecological and sustainable as possible. The brand uses innovative laser and ozone technologies in their finishing processes. In contrast to conventional production, this allows them to significantly reduce the use of water.

Mustang in Middle East

Al Madani Group has entered into a business partnership with renowned German denim brand Mustang. Functioning as a licensed and exclusive distributor and retail operator for numerous international brands from the fashion, food franchises and food and beverage concepts, Al Madani Group as part of this alliance will have the Mustang products available for consumers at its own mono brand stores in the United Arab Emirates. The UAE will be the first market to host the German Denim Mustang in the Middle East.

First Mustang Store in UAE

The first mustang store in the UAE was opened in IBN Battuta Mall Expansion.